What we do

As a reliable and trustable partner we are specialized in developping ladies garments at high level quality. We are always open to discuss possible cooperations for special demands of production.

Ladies Wear

Designer, High Level

Special Productions

All our products are on specific demand for our clients. Each of them have their own design and setup.


We have no minimum quantities. We can produce from 50 – 1000 pieces.

Collection & Sampling Department

Prototyping in Belgium to communicate even faster and more secure in order to work more detailed abroad.




If you focus on COST, your QUALITY will go down.
If you focus on QUALITY, your COST will go down.

How we work

Our aim is to cooperate with our clients in a way that the stylist and technologist come together and develop a perfectly designed and fitted garment (1 + 1 = 3). High quality standards throughout the entire process will help us achieve our goals.

Cad-Cam Investronica

A computer drawing program in which we draw the pattern parts.

Technical Support

Our staff are very high technical developped and can assist with the most difficult patterns.


We use automatic cutting machines for more precise cutting.

Auto Marker

Automatic deposit program to profit 2-3% of the fabric compared to the regular automatic deposit.

Logistics Program

To follow up all the orders in detail and inform you in a professional way


Washing, Embroidery, Matelassage, Screen printing, …

Origin of the product

Our products are produced in Belgium, Poland and Tunisia. All the plants we work with are controlled and checked by ourselves. We guarantee to follow all the laws in a correct way and develop your products according to all international standards. Production places are decided upon quantities, capacities, products and prices.


  • React and produce faster
  • To work more in-depth so our foreign production can focus more on details



  • Experience in production, fast delivery of productions as well as flexibility
  • Years of experience and knowledge of the people
  • Good and clear communication because we speak the language



  • Groupage transport
  • Experience in production
  • Lot of workforces
  • Close to Europe for deliveries


The wage confection company Autruche was established in 1991, taken over in 1996 by Gilbert Swimberghe and subsequently transferred to the current management, Piet Swimberghe and Jeroen Verhille in 2007.
In recent years, Autruche nv has grown into a reliable full-service company with the following values in mind: quality, price and respecting the correct delivery time.
For several years we have remained a regular partner of various top brands that appreciate both our flexibility, a no-nonsense mentality and young dynamics.


  • Acquisition in 1996 and became a family company
    • Family Company based in Bruges
    • Production 100% in Poland
  • 1999 – 2001: Taking over
    • ‘ROMILUXE’ – bed and bath textiles for babies
    • ‘VERONICA MODE ATELIER’ (high fashion wage company)
      • Sampling & Finishing Plant Belgium
    • ‘PAS DE DEUX’ maternity brand
  • 2014 – 2016: End of our brands ‘Romiluxe’ and ‘Pas de Deux’
  • 2016: 100% Ladies Wear Wage Company
  • 2017: Plant in TUNISIA


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Don’t hesitate to ask us anything. Email us directly at info@autruche.be and we will be happy to help you further or give us a call.

Tel: +32 484 13 80 04


Pathoekeweg 50
8000 Brugge


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